Hair growth, oiling and daily care

Hair loss, rough texture, dandruff and which shampoo to use are some of the major hair issues that plague parents of growing children. Here are some pointers hope they help.


Too much oiling clogs pores. Don’t leave oil on for too long or overnight. It is best to wash within an hour of two of application Almond, Vitamin E or Olive oil are good nourishing options.

Dry hair and dandruff

A lot of times dried sweat collects on the scalp and becomes salt residue, often mistaken for dandruff. So hair, especially if your son or daughter is actively outdoors, needs regular cleaning.

If you child goes for swimming, it is recommended to use a mild conditioner since water has chlorine that dries the hair.

Hair fall

Heavy antibiotics also lead to hair fall. Constant tying and braiding of hair pulls at the root and makes them weak leading to hair fall. This also leads to long term hair fall or receding hairline as they grow older.

Braiding and tying also creates a moist environment in the scalp that can attract lice. It is preferable to open the hair atleast for sometime during the day to let the scalp breath and relax. For smaller kids and toddlers, best option for kids is to have short hair.

Which shampoo to use?

The main objective of shampooing is to cleanse the hair and not make hair soft or make it grow. Use a natural product which are lighter for mild cleansing and maintaining the PH balance (Use a good brand that has natural ingredients and avoid supermarket products).

For toddlers and infants use shampoos specific to their age group. Off the shelf shampoos are very heavy and have silicon this creates a waxy coat.

Deep conditioning or Hair Spa

Both are similar services. This is mainly for long hair below shoulder as the hair is aged and more than 2 years old. The aged hair is exposed to sun, dust, AC and therefore deep conditioning regularly helps. The difference between the two services is mainly the products used and steps involved.