Mundan or first tonsure

Your baby’s first haircut or Mundan is a very special occasion and you may understandably be anxious about the process. We hope the following tips will make it easier for you.

Razor or clipper?

One of the most common misconceptions is doing a mundan with a razor alters the growth of the hair, making it thicker. The follicle resides below the scalp giving tonsuring no scientific correlation to the quality of hair growth. Fast growth rate, nutrition, genetic structure and hormones play a major part in the texture and growth of hair in children.

While razors have been used traditionally we always recommend hair removal with a clipper as it is very safe. Ensure that the barber uses a good quality clipper that does the job neatly and quickly causing the least possible discomfort to your baby.

Before and after the mundan

Make sure that the hair is oil free.

If your baby is slightly older, speak to him/her about the occasion in advance, a sudden activity in an unfamiliar environment is quite shocking for your little one it is best to let them know in advance.

After the mundan give your baby a body bath to get rid of the tiny hair that may be sticking to the body. Make sure that all the hair is cleaned from the folds of the skin and growth lines.

Do not use any strong antiseptics as they tend to sting the skin.