Nail care

In small children and toddlers, it is advisable for parents to cut the nails. Toddlers may be scared for anyone else cutting their nails, leading to injury due to sudden movements.

Incase of older children and teens, keeping a check if the nails are clean from inside becomes important, especially if they are growing their nails. Incase of brittle and nails that break easily, do focus on the nutrition, drink enough water and test for hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiencies.

If your child likes to apply nail paint a lot, ensure that there is a gap of at least 2-4 days between each application, allowing the nails to breathe.

If your teenage daughters likes to get acrylic nails, ensure that the application and removal is done only at a professional salon and not at home. Online tutorials often miss critical steps leading to yellowing nails and breakage/injury.

Due to frequent usage or low quality products, nail beds often turn slightly yellow or discoloured, try using olive and salt scrub to nourish and exfoliate your nails gently to rejuvenate them.