Haircuts and hairstyles

First haircuts, mundans, basic trims to trendy hairstyles and hair tattoos we have it all

Hair colour for teens

Streaks & balayage in all colours including blues, reds, greens, pinks & purples

Kids & teens spa

Jelly manicures, cupcake pedicures, foot massages and fun face masks

Nail art

Lots of fun designs and vibrant colours for tiny natural nails to acrylic extensions and gel finish looks

Hair treatments

Oil massages, hair spa, deep conditioning

Anti Lice

Chemical free anti lice treatments for an effective but mild way to treat those stubborn lice and nits

Mommy spa corner

Moms can relax in a separate corner and opt for a relaxing mani, pedi or foot massage while the kids get groomed

Sparties & play dates

Starfish sparties and spa play dates are a great way to spend your kid’s special day or a fun time with their besties. Lots of glitter, pamper and fun