We get a lot of questions from parents on hair care, lice control and nail care. We have compiled a quick list of out best tips and suggestions to help parents tackle hair and nail worries. Have a happy hair day!

Hair growth, oiling and daily care

Hair loss, rough texture, dandruff and which shampoo to use are some of the major hair issues that plague parents of growing children. Here are some pointers hope they help. -- read more

Lice control

Head lice are common in children but not impossible to treat. The most common cause of infestation is when children are in close contact with other children/ adults with head lice. -- read more

Mundan or first tonsure

Your baby’s first haircut or Mundan is a very special occasion and you may understandably be anxious about the process. We hope the following tips will make it easier for you. -- read more

Nail care

In small children and toddlers, it is advisable for parents to cut the nails. Toddlers may be scared for anyone else cutting their nails, leading to injury due to sudden movements. -- read more